Advanced Chemistry

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Go to CONTENTS IN BRIEF and find the correct Chapter page
Go to PAGE NAVIGATOR and find your page number.
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For Ellie (cut and paste these URL’s):
Quiz 1 :

Quiz 2:

Quiz 3:

Quiz 4:

Solutions to Final Review!: Final Review Solutions

Stoich solutions via Mr. Wood!

Here are all of the forms you may need for Science Fair. They are due Wednesday in class so they can be checked for correctness and detail and the final copy will be due on Thursday. READ the instruction sheet below. All forms are included below.
Instructions for Sci Fair Forms
Form1A for Individual
Form1B Parent Approval
Form1 Teacher Checklist
Form2 Qualified Scientist
Form3 Risk Assessment

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Current Work!
Chapter 16 – Kinetics

Past Work:
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 24 Slides
Chapter 5EM Problem set
Chapter 6 Powerpoint Slides
Powerpoint slides
Chapter 7
Chapter 13 Gas Laws
Chapter 14

Summer Assignment: Adv Chem Summer Handout

Sci Fair:
Science Fair Due Dates
Research Paper

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