AP Chemistry

Welcome to AP Chemistry, class of 2013-2014!

Hurray! Review answers!! Have fun!
Set 1 Practice Solutions
Set 2 Practice Solutions
Set 3 Practice Solutions
Set 4 Practice Solutions

EChem_Weekend work March 28

Acid Base Weekend Set

ThermoChemHW answers

Sophomores or those who’ve been away from chemistry:
If you need more step by step support with the problems, visit the textbook site for first year chemistry students: http://www.glencoe.com/ose/
The passcode is B86FC81F08

The first 10 chapters will be great as a base especially for naming, formula writing , writing and balancing equations, mole conversions, and stoichiometry! (*Chapters 7-11*)

Looking for more help? Try listening to a podcast here: Mr. Wood’s Website

Equation Writing

General AP Exam Information: AP CENTRAL UPDATED 2013

50 % Section 1 Multiple Choice – 90 mins/60 questions No calculators
50% Section 2 Short Answer
Part A – 55 mins Calculators allowed
Part B – 40 mins Calculators allowed
Lab question may be in Part A or Part B

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