Honors Chemistry

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Go to PAGE NAVIGATOR and find your page number.
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Mid year review! –> Midyear review answers

Looking for more help? Try a podcast! Click here: Mr. Wood’s Website

How Do Photovoltaic Cells Work

All current handouts and worksheets are listed below!!

Present Work
Ch 3
Chapter 4 Annotated

Ch 6 2013

Past Work 2011
Slides Chapter 6
Slides Chapter 4 Part 1
Slides Chapter 2 Part 1
Metric System_Classnotes
Ch 2 Conversion Practice
Sci Notation/Dimensional Analysis Practice
Slides Chapter 2 Part 2
Slides Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Powerpoint Slides
In the Future for First Semester!
Chapter 7 Part 1
Chapter 7 Part 2
Chapter 8

Second Semester!
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Part 2
Chapter 10
Hydrate Lab Info and Problems
Chapter 11 Part 1
Answers to Empirical Formula and Stoichiometry Review Sheet
Chapter 11 Part 2
Chapter 12 Part 1
Chapter 12 Part 2
Mole Fractions and Partial Pressure Worksheet
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Part 2
Gas Laws Classnotes
Ideal Gas Law Classnotes
In-Class Review from 4/4
Chapter 14
Chapter 14 Quiz Review
Chapter 15 Part 1
Chapter 15 Part 2
Chapter 16 – Kinetics
Chapter 17_Equilibrium
Chapter 18

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